Start learning in your discipline right from the start of your coaching journey in our Introduction to Coaching course  (Off Road)

On completion of this course, you’ll be given the role of Activity Coach and will be able to independently deliver cycling activities in the discipline environment or in a generic/non-discipline environment according to your chosen option.

As the first step on your coaching journey, the learning is designed to support you to gain a basic understanding of coaching, and a range of skills to feel confident to facilitate basic discipline specific coaching activity in your own context. The learning will require you to engage with online content, including technique videos, interacting with e-learning activities, as well as contributing to discussion in seminars, and taking part in practical coaching activities on the development day with your peers.

The role of Activity Coach – what can I do as a result of this course?

You will be able to independently deliver safe, positive and inclusive coached activities to support riders to engage in cycling (in your chosen discipline) and develop their skills through enjoyable and challenging activities and games.

 What will I learn?

This module will introduce you to a number of basic coaching approaches, skills and behaviours to get you started, and to lay the foundations for further development throughout the Coach Award. A prepare-do-reflect model provides the steps to follow, to take you through the coaching process. This is brought to life by thinking about who you coach, what you coach, and how you coach. You won’t be given one “best way” to coach, but will be encouraged to discover what works best for you and for the riders you coach.

The module starts to explore some of the themes you need to begin thinking about in order to meet the needs of the riders you support – rider engagement, creating inclusive and safe environments for everyone (both physical risk and under the broad definition of Duty of Care), and reflection (in, on and for action).

You will have the opportunity to explore these concepts and ideas, and to try them out in a practical way, during the small-group interactive seminars and Development Day.

What is the structure of the course and how long will it take?

We have chosen to deliver these courses over two days of face to face delivery, this gives us more time to practice and develop your coaching.

It includes:

  • Online learning – 2 hours
  • Two face-to-face discipline specific development day

This blended learning will take place across a period of 4 weeks and includes 2 weeks access to online learning prior to your first seminar.

How will I be assessed?

You are required to complete all components of the course, attending all seminars and the face to face day, as well as completing all units of the e-learning content.

Rather than completing an end-of-learning assessment task, the tutor will ensure that they check in with you throughout your learning experience to make a formative assessment of your level of competence and understanding.

Help with Funding ?

Funding maybe available to support with course costs. Check out British Cycling Funding & Bursaries page for more.

Please note that first aid is not included in the course cost, however, first aid is only required if you independently delivering coached activities. Check out British Cyclings Policy here.

What do I need to register?

Please note online booking closes 2 weeks before access to online learning begins