*Evening Edition – We have condensed our jumps workshop into a two hour session so that you can enjoy making the most of your day and still have time to learn something new in the evening*

Our Jumps Workshop is based at Bike Ranch Snowdonia using our purpose-built jumps line. The line has been built in such a way to give people the best opportunity to develop their jumping. This course is aimed at developing all the skills needed to take you from anchored to the ground to soaring through the air. We have purposefully kept the jumps line short so you can get lots of repetition in a safe relaxed environment. The jumps line will also be closed to the public during sessions so there is no pressure of other riders cutting you up.

If you fit into one of the following categories this course is for you:

Your wheels have never left the ground and you have no idea how to get them in the air.

Wheels only leave the ground when you hit a jump at speed and your terrified every time you are in the air.

Always feel like you are going to go over the bars on landing.

Throw your weight over the back wheel and squash every jump you come across.

Can get in the air sort of, but it doesn’t look pretty.